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The UK's favourite E-Liquid wholesaler.

About e-juice wholesale

We offer a premium e liquid made in the uk, all e liquid comes with a batch numbers and are all made in iso certified labs, made under the strictest conditions, using the finest grade ingredients for each process.

We use all of the top flavouring companies in the world and also have sole rights to a few of our favourite flavouring labs, we are not like other wholesale companies in the way we source our flavourings from all over the world to create the finest tasting e liquid, and we sell this at the same price as you would get your lower end e liquids. We bring to the customers something not seen before, a premium e liquid at a non premium price.

We have over 400 flavours and a huge HIGH VG range also.

We can also help with branding and logo designs for the customers e liquid range, we offer e liquid in a bottle that customers can decanter themselves, or we can put the eliquid in bottles with the companys name on and ship it to them ready to sell.


We take pride in our products and make every effort to provide a first class customer service.

We also try to ensure that our products meets the satisfaction of our customers in every possible way.

e-juice wholesale is a leading electronic cigarette brand which assures that its customers receive the highest quality product at the most reasonable price.


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